Extended Family Portraits


The more the merrier! But being prepared REALLY helps when two or more families will be getting their photographs taken together at the same time. It's important to make sure all your family members are on the same page about a few things:

1. The Goal

Some families primarily want only one great photo of the entire group to document everyone together for a specific occasion. They're looking for a professionally posed and well lit image that would serve well as a keepsake and perhaps as a large framed print over the fireplace. They're usually on a tighter schedule and don't want to spend much time having their photo taken. These families usually choose the Silver Collection. 


Most of the families I work with want to take the opportunity to have more candid images taken of the whole group AND the smaller groups  – grandparents with each grandchild; siblings together; immediate families together, etc. This type of session takes longer and yields more images. The opportunity for everyone to be together for photos can be a rare thing in many families and it makes sense to take advantage of the fact that everybody is all in one place and dressed to impress! This type of session also includes the standard posed photographs as well. These families usually choose the Platinum or Gold Collection. 

2. The Style

Outfit decisions should be made early so anybody who is traveling can prepare. My best advice is to choose solid colors that complement your complexion. Please do not choose the same color for every family member -- this is an outdated look! Generally, two to three different colors in the same general color family look great! Try to avoid prints or patterns as they can be very distracting in photographs and tend to not print well. When in doubt, choose a flattering outfit that you feel comfortable in. Avoid large statement jewelry that will distract from your beautiful face! 

3. The Place and Time

This is crucial for good portraits because the location will determine the lighting situation! Often, I'm asked to photograph in front of a landmark that is meaningful to the client or at a home or in a hotel where everyone is staying for sake of convenience. This is a unique challenge, because the natural lighting at these locations can sometimes be less than ideal. The time of day we schedule your session for is especially important because of the position of the sun. There are many places I can recommend that are great for groups and will result in beautiful, evenly lit photographs at golden hour (the hour before sunset). Just remember, the most important thing about the photos will be the people, not the background! :) 

4. The Collection


Up to two hours

100 edited high-resolution digital images   



Up to one hour

35 edited high-resolution digital images



Up to 30 minutes

10 edited high-resolution images