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Hiiiiiiiii. I'm Carsten.

I’ve taken more than 200,000 photographs for 175 couples in 7 countries over 5 years for 1 reason:

This stuff thrills me.

Cuz in my eyes, marriage and photography are two of God's coolest ideas.

But I know choosing a photographer and then trusting them

with the memories of the biggest celebration of your life is STRESSFUL.

Nobody likes stressy things.

So I'm gonna make photography one less thing for you to worry about.

Real talk: I was a 911 dispatcher for ten years.

I know a thing or two about staying calm when things get dicey.

Like when your wedding-day timeline changes last minute (which they almost always do.)

And my bachelor's degree in photojournalism and

hands-on training with some of the best photographers in the country have prepped me

for catching quick candid moments with my camera.

I blend emotional reactions and radiant light

like it's my job…Because it is.

When you hire me, you're hiring your historian.

I know all about the pressure for weddings to be unrealistically perfect.

So I'm the recorder of your wonderfully imperfect day --

the first of many other imperfect days that'll make up your married lives.

Life, like a wedding day, is beautiful chaos.

It's messy and unpredictable and glorious.

I can't wait to help you remember yours with abundant joy.

Photo by Dennis Coronel

Photo by Dennis Coronel

Photo by Dennis Coronel

“We loved working with her!...She seemed to be everywhere and nowhere – in the best way.”
— Nicole T.

Fun fact: My sister and I make weird YouTube videos. Watch at your own risk.