About Carsten

Hi, I'm Carsten.

I spent most of my life in Chicagoland but coasted over to Southern California in 2007 to get my degree in photojournalism at Biola University and decided to stay where the sun is. ☀

I love parks, puppies, kitties, and trying to surf. I'll gladly lose to you at chess but might beat you at badminton. I speak less-than-fluent German and have a never-ending craving for Italian food. If I'm not canoodling with a fluffy animal or a bowl of pasta, you might find me at an indie or improv show. Or traveling the globe with my husband, the best human being I've ever met!

I love exploring, reminiscing, and following light around, which naturally leads to a love of photography & storytelling. I'd be honored to capture the essence of all the people, places, and things you want to remember the most.

My Wedding Photography Philosophy

I believe marriage and photography are two of God's greatest ideas. The pure excitement that I'm constantly filled with for being able to spend so much time at the intersection of these two ideas is overwhelming to me. As a wife myself, I know the joys of marriage firsthand. But I'm also privy to the potential anxiety brought on by the craziness of a wedding day. My years of experience as a 911 dispatcher instilled in me an undeniable ability to stay on my toes and be ready to go with the flow when wedding day timelines change at the last moment (which they almost always do.) And my degree in photojournalism and years of experience shooting weddings prepped me for how to react to those blink-of-an-eye moments with a camera.

I pride myself on having a long history of working with brides who have told me I was the calming presence they needed by their side on their wedding day. With all the pressure for the day to be perfect, I'm here to be your historian. Your recorder of a wonderfully imperfect day that will lead into a series of many other imperfect days that will make up your married lives. I'll be ready to remind you that life is beautiful chaos. It's messy and unpredictable and glorious. And I want to help you to remember it. I'm truly honored not only to witness the unions of so many phenomenal human beings, but to be the one literally putting those memories to paper. Whether it be prints, an album, or canvas, I strive to ensure that every one of my couples receives tangible proof of their love to look back on for years to come.

Email: carsten@carstentice.com | Call: (949) 899-8423