Why engagement photos matter



So you booked your wedding photographer! Congrats! (I might be biased, but I believe that you just chose one of your most important vendors!) Or maybe you’re READY to book your wedding photographer but you’re still deciding whether to get engagement photos too. If that’s you then read on, my friend. Here are the top five benefits to having professional engagement photos taken by your wedding photographer:

1. Connect with your photographer

On your wedding day, your photographer is the one person you might spend even more time with than your new spouse, and there’s no better way to break the ice than with some stress-free pre-wedding photos. Being comfortable in front of the camera is a super important (and often overlooked) part of great photos. For people who haven’t spent a lot of time having their photo taken, an engagement session is the perfect warm up before your wedding. You’ll get to see your wedding photographer in action. How do they work? What kind of poses do they suggest? What kind of energy do they give off? Once you get the feel for this, you’ll be fully prepped to spend your wedding day with your own personal paparazzo. 

2. Connect with your fiancé

Your photog will get to know you and your fiancé too. They’ll learn how you play off each other’s personalities and they’ll weave together a photo story that is uniquely you. Maybe you’re more excitable and extroverted and your spouse-to-be is more reserved and camera shy. A good photographer will illuminate the connection between you and your beau no matter how different you are. Chances are, you’ll even feel closer to each other at the end of the session.

3. Hair and makeup trial

If your hair and makeup artist offers a trial run before the wedding, take advantage of being all glammed up and get engagement photos taken! Not only will you get to test out how your look lasts throughout the day, but you’ll also get to see how well it photographs and let your makeup artist know of any tweaks you want for the wedding.

4. Save-the-dates/decor

Instead of a selfie with bad lighting and awkward angles, why not choose one of your gorgeous professional engagement photos for your save-the-dates? Your wedding guests will appreciate it and be even more excited to share the day with you. Not to mention, a nice canvas or guestbook of your engagement photos would be a classy addition to your sign-in table.

5. Get comfy, creative, and colorful

On your wedding day, your photographer is gonna get so many dazzling shots of you in your wedding attire. So your engagement session is the perfect opportunity to have pictures taken that are more representative of who you two are in daily life. Let’s be real — wedding dresses and men’s formal wear are not known for being the most comfortable of clothing. So engagement photos let you choose your own vibe —Feel free to wear clothes you can run around in for an adventurous shoot (think hiking to that picturesque hilltop or hanging out on your boat together.) OR maybe your vibe is more of a lifestyle type shoot so you’d rather have pictures of you two lounging around together at home — (or you could do both!) The bottom line is, the world is your oyster when it coms to your engagement photos since you don’t have to worry about the restrictions of a wedding day timeline.


So it seems like a no-brainer, huh? Engagement photos rock! Just like on your wedding day, your photographer will walk you through everything and make sure you have fun along the way. Every time you look at these photos, you’ll smile remembering this special time in your life - the excitement in between “will you marry me?” and “I do.” If you happen to get teary-eyed looking at your engagement photos (as many couples do), just wait - your wedding photos will be filled with even more emotion! 


“Working with her was a blast, she helped us to relax and was able to take our awkward lack of posing ability and capture the biggest moments of our lives together in the most beautiful way. Our walls and social media are showered with these incredible images and we cannot thank her enough...”
— Geoffrey N.