Katie & Scott - Laguna Beach Proposal

When I found out last week that Scott wanted his engagement shoot to double as a proposal shoot, I was thrilled and honored to be a part of it. I was equally thrilled that he had chosen Heisler Park in Laguna Beach as the spot where this would go down. Being a firefighter in the Riverside area, Scott wasn't going to be able to make it to the park to check out the area before the day of the proposal, which meant the arduous and grueling task of "location scouting" (aka walking around one of my favorite beaches) fell solely on me. Oh, the horror!

Although I didn't meet Katie until she became Scott's fiancée, I did stalk the two of them around the park (my camera hidden, of course) until Scott had led her to the spot where he would get down on one knee. Katie was under the impression that they were just taking a stroll before dinner (and she probably thought I was just some weird, friendless girl with an oversized bag, wandering around without any purpose or direction. Which may or may not be the case in real life. The jury's still out.)

Right before I started clicking away, the lifeguard, perched in his tower, warned me that I might get wet where I was standing. I nodded agreeably and hoped he hadn't drawn any attention to me but luckily, Katie and Scott seemed pretty into each other at that point. With flawless execution, poise, and probably some really smooth words, Scott effortlessly took a knee and presented her with one of the more gorgeous rings I've seen. This lovely moment was complete with applause from the lifeguard, who by this point had realized what we were all doing down there.

It might have been that dazzling golden-hour sunlight, but I think these two humans were absolutely beaming. They originally met when they were eight and ten years old, and even though they didn't reunite until many years later - and didn't start dating until three years ago - there is definitely still a child-like happiness that radiates from their connection. This made even more sense after I learned that Katie spends her working hours making kids smile at Disneyland while preparing to become a teacher. Happiness abounds!


Katie and Scott, thanks for being in love. And thanks for entrusting me to preserve the memory of this special moment.

Love always.

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