Ceci & Felipe - San Pedro Engagement Photos

One of my favorite things about taking engagement photos is hearing about how couples originally met. Ceci and Felipe's meeting story is so sweet. And I mean like, it's actually sweet. Literally. Sweet. What I'm trying to say is....they met in a bakery. Ceci was standing in line at Porto's Bakery when she caught Felipe's eye. After casually striking up small-talk with her, he eventually asked her if she'd ever been ice skating before. She hadn't. They went. And now they're skating off into the sunset together. 

Now, my next question was, how long was the line that day? And how exactly did this go down? I mean, I think I'd probably have to talk to a complete stranger for at least ten minutes before agreeing to go out with them. But then I remembered they were at Porto's and it's entirely feasible that the line actually took several fortnights to get through. (Have you been to Porto's? It's phenomenal. The Disneyland-esque line TOTALLY redeems itself.) Porto's also happens to be where I met Ceci and Felipe for the first time, so there's that. (Okay so our meeting was planned and not serendipitous...but wouldn't that have been a bizarre story?) 

Fun fact: Ceci happens to be a baker herself! I asked her if she was planning on baking anything for the wedding because I'm obsessed with food and because I thought that would be cool if she were going to do that. She insinuated that she might have some things in the works. Welp-- Can't wait for the wedding! 

Another one of my favorite things about engagement photos (or any type of photos, really) is when inexpressibly adorable little dogs get involved. As you can see, Pucca and Sushi are anything but camera-shy. I asked Ceci how she chose the name Sushi for the chihuahua puppy and she said it was just because she loves sushi....BEST. REASON. EVER. So simple yet so practical. I could just eat Sushi right up. (That is not literal. In case there are any PETA peeps reading this.)

All in all, it was a lovely day with these four. And we got to shoot at so many places! We started off at the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro, went down the street to Point Fermin Park, popped over to White Point Royal Palms Beach, and ended the day at Junipero Beach in Long Beach. 

Stay sweet, my friends.