Carlsbad DIY Wedding

So I sorta loved this DIY wedding at Magee Park in Carlsbad. Sarah & Logan got married this past October but I'm seriously backlogged in my blogging (backblogged, if you will) and ya gotta start somewhere! 

This wedding was truly all about happiness, fun, and togetherness as all the best weddings and ultimately marriages are. And it was so intimate - another plus in my book. A friend of the couple officiated and the only people in the wedding party were the bride's sister and the groom's brother- a true family affair. 

Logan told me that Sarah loves Harry Potter and that became evident as soon as I saw that she had made the placecards out of pages from the books. The way Logan was looking at Sarah as she glided down the aisle made me think maybe she had put a spell on him, too ;). The Pinterester's dream wedding continued with all of the delicious hor d'oeuvres, lawn games, and gorgeous string lights that lit the outdoor reception. Being only a block from the ocean, I couldn't decide if it was the acoustic guitarists giving me the chills or the sea breeze itself. 

One of the details I loved most was their cake topper. This was gifted to the bride and groom by a friend of theirs. It's incredibly special to them in that the bride figurine has a streak of purple hair and the groom is playing the guitar. Apparently, Sarah used to have a streak of purple hair and Logan does, in fact, play guitar. The strangest thing about this is that this cake topper was not even custom made. Their friend just happened to find one that so perfectly represented them. Wizardry? Maybe. 

Regardless of if Harry Potter was in attendance wearing his invisibility cloak or not, this was truly a magical night and I wish them all the best. 

Kevin & Michelle - Texas Wedding

Kevin and Michelle might be the cutest couple I've ever seen! I also might be biased because Michelle's my cousin...but that's neither here nor there. ;) Here are a few of my favorite shots from their Woodway, Texas wedding at the Carleen Bright Arboretum. Even in the exhaustive heat of a southern summer, these two and their fun-loving wedding party (which included all 5 of Michelle's sisters) were able to pull off a day that was both elegant (yellow roses, fedoras, and Michelle's lovely long veil) and quirky (super hero t-shirts and matching plaid button ups.) Welcome to the family, Kevin!