A+ Dropouts - San Pedro

This was a good day for so many reasons: I love discovering (or in this case, being shown) new and rad locations for photoshoots. I love bright colors. And [artistic-non-gang-related] graffiti. And people who are passionate about what they do.  

But don't let the band name fool you. Lead singer, Cheska, just found out she got accepted to UC Berkeley. (And I'm just over here doing regular things like trying to figure out how many dishes is too many dishes to stack up in the sink.)

Another thing not to be fooled by: The stone-cold, expressionless faces. These guys are actually fun and hilarious and not perpetually pissed off like the photos might suggest. Everything about this band is bold and I wish there were a way you could hear their music through photos. But I guess that's why God invented video.

Or you could just listen to them live at Warped Tour this summer. 

Makeup by Alyna Ajere.