Amaris & Jono - Downtown Fullerton Engagement Photos

"There's no such thing as love!"

Who among us hasn't had this thought at some point, am I right? But every now and again, we cross paths with a couple like Amaris and Jono who will make us think we just stepped into the middle of a romantic comedy and all feels right in the world. I mean, check out those grins, people! That's pure giddiness right there. 

It was my honor to photo-stalk these two all over downtown Fullerton on the first official day of Spring. We started off at Roscoe's Famous Deli-Bar (which is where their story first started a few years back) and we ended the day at the gorgeous grounds of the Muckenthaler Mansion. That's where their extremely personable and photogenic dog, Scuttle, modeled for a few shots. :)

They're getting married this fall in a remote spot up in Mammoth and when I asked if their guests would have to hike to the wedding, they said, "They don't have to. They get to!" I like that attitude.

I also like her ring. A lot. Anyways...

Because I'm obsessed with food and drinks (as you may have noticed) I have to mention that we went to Hopscotch after we were all photo-ed out. This is now one of my favorite spots in Fullerton because of a delicious (and possibly seasonal) cocktail called "Pretty Brown Eyes" (Los Amantes mezcal, mango puree, mango jalapeño cilantro syrup, and lime juice.) Get in my belly. 

Another fun fact: Amaris is one of Orange County's top hairstylists and has been cutting and coloring my hair for the past 5 years or so. Obviously, I highly recommend her! You can find her at The Right Hair in Mission Viejo, and check out her Facebook page to see some of the cool stuff she does.

And if you're not sick of clicking on links yet... you can see photos of the album I designed for this shoot by clicking here.