Alexis & Elise - Laguna Niguel Senior Photos

I wanted the first photographs I took in 2015 to be of people I love. Unfortunately, nobody I love was available so I took photos of Alexis & Elise.

JUST KIDDING! I'm obsessed with these girls! One of them (Alexis ((teal dress)) I love because I'm required to (sister) and one of them (Elise) I love because she's one of my sister's life-long besties. (Just kidding again, Alexis. I guess I'd probably love you even if we didn't have the same parents. Ya never know, though.)

So I forced them to go to this trail that I've been wanting to check out (Aliso Summit in Laguna Niguel) and held them hostage until after sunset when we all turned into ogres. Then we went home and ate delicious roasted sweet potato and black bean burritos that Elise introduced us to. (Apparently this is turning into a food blog and I'm not mad about it.) Anyway...

Weirdness and jokes aside, I am extremely proud of both of them for graduating from their respective colleges later this year and I wish them all the best in their future endeavors. (See, I can be sincere!)